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21 yr old college student and sports fanatic

We Need Progress

Times have drastically changed from what they were a while ago. I
have noticed that in the black community the morals of both men and women have
changed for the worse. Men are more worried about selling drugs, having sex,
and making babies that they refuse to take care of whereas women on the other
hand, would rather be strippers, video models, or just be dependent on a man as
opposed to getting a job and being self sufficient. The art of selling your
body for money or materialistic things have become very common in the black
community. The concept of money or barter has been around since before any of
us were born but something is different in today’s society. The moral concept
of how to obtain money is no longer intact. It’s as if no one wants to work for
their money, instead they would rather rob, kill, or sell themselves for a few
dollars. This is exactly the type of behavior that whites who have tried so
hard to keep us down love to see. They love to see our beautiful black women
disrespecting themselves by calling each other bitches and hoes, us calling
each other nigga, selling drugs that they disperse and then keep their jails
full with us. We are playing directly into their trap that is created for us to
fail. Think about it for a second…. all of the aforementioned activities
ultimately land our people in jail. Every day that we spend in jail puts over
$100 in their pockets. So in essence we are making them rich! We need to stop
wanting the fast money and put in the work to obtain an education and work
towards a career. They can lock you up for selling drugs, prostitution, and a
host of other negative things that we do, but an education is something that
they have been trying to prevent us from getting since forever. Do you know the
reason why? It’s because it is something they can never take away from us no
matter how hard they try. If you are selling drugs they can lock you up for
years, if your are prostituting they can have sex with you then lock you up. If
you are a rapper or model they can drop you from the company, but if you get
that education and become self sufficient and are your own boss! What can they
do? Let’s not be modern day slaves by playing into the hands of “THE
MAN” but let’s do something that they cannot stop LET’S GET EDUCATED…..